Looking at Seller Financed Notes

Do you think that seller financed notes may be something that can help you in the purchase or sale of your property? If you have been considering this option when it comes to your real estate choices then there are some quick tips that you should try and remember. I have listed some advantages of using this method for you below.

Checking out the statistics on this popular method of selling and purchasing property it is easy to see why it is gaining popularity. Sometimes called carry-back mortgage, vendor or seller finance, the seller financed notes area of all real estate transactions is a very popular method of acquiring and selling real estate.

Statistically speaking there is around a third of all real estate transactions in the US that involve seller financing. This is an enormous percentage of property sales, and purchasing. It is even more popular in the sale and purchase of businesses throughout the US. Up to 80% of all business sales involve notes that sellers themselves finance. The beauty to these figures ins that it is a reasonably common procedure that has as huge amount of support and information on for the prospective buyer or seller to use.

Perhaps you are selling a property and you have a buyer that is very interested in the purchase of it, but is not wanting or not willing to go to a lender for the purchase price. In this case, the notes are definitely a good option in securing a sale and getting the property off the market. Perhaps your real estate was not able to be sold due to some other difficulty and the only way to actually make the transaction as through notes, this is also a great option in offloading a difficult property.

Some sellers find that they like the idea of seller financed notes because they can increase the purchase price on a property and ask more for it with the option of offering seller finance. This will enable them to receive a monthly income of principle and interest for the term of the notes.

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